Millionaire shames ex-gf’s car. What she does in return will make you cry!

Using Drake’s chorus, a 25-year old millionaire left a voice message on his girlfriend’s phone – “I think I lost my patience…”

“Last night I came to a realisation and I hope you can take it.”

In response, the girlfriend begs: “You don’t know the whole story. Please let me explain it to you, pick up your phone now.”

A SCORNED man has come up with a genius way of trolling his ex… using Drake lyrics to break up with her.

When YouTuber Kiddy King saw a Snapchat of his girlfriend smooching another guy on the dancefloor, he decided to make matters into his own hands.

Kiddy channels his inner Drake to tell his girlfriend: “I’m too good to you, I’m WAY too good to you.”

Before dumping her, he uses the lyrics: “You got somebody other than me, don’t play the victim when you’re with me. Free time is costing me more than it seems.”

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